Woocommerce setup with product upload


Our service provides a comprehensive WooCommerce eCommerce website setup that includes everything you need to start selling online. We take care of the entire setup process so you can focus on running your business. Our package includes the following:

  • WordPress Installation: We will set up WordPress on your server, ensuring it is optimized for WooCommerce and running smoothly.
  • WooCommerce Plugin Setup: We will install and configure the WooCommerce plugin, including adding product categories and d setting up shipping options.
  • Contact7 Form Setup: We will set up Contact7 forms to enable customers to contact you easily.
  • Payment Gateway Setup: We will integrate 1 PayPal, Stripe, Bank, and COD payment gateway, allowing your customers to pay securely and conveniently.
  • 10 Product Upload: We will upload up to 10 products for young images and descriptions, ensuring they are displayed beautifully on your website.
  • Basic WooCommerce Theme Setup: We will set up a basic WooCommerce theme, including configuring the homepage, shop page, and product pages.
  • Required Page Creation: We will create essential pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us, ensuring that your website is professional and user-friendly.
  • 5 Product Categories: We will create up to 5 product categories, enabling customers to browse products easily.
  • Complete Setup in 5 to 7 Days: We guarantee to complete the setup process in 5 to 7 business days, ensuring you can start selling online quickly.
  • Domain Name and cPanel Login Details Required: All we need from you is 1 domain name and cPanel login details, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Pages and Category Permalink Setup for SEO: We will set up pages and category permalinks to optimize your website for SEO.
  • Contact Form Configuration with Email: We will configure Contact7 forms to ensure that you receive customer inquiries by email.

We also offer customization and special theme installation for a little extra fee. Contact us today to get started on your eCommerce website!

Woocommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses of all sizes to sell products or services online. With our Woocommerce setup service, we’ll help you get your online store up and running quickly and easily. We’ll set up your Woocommerce account, install and configure the necessary plugins, and customize the design to match your brand.

Once your Woocommerce store is set up, we’ll provide product upload services to help you populate your store with all your products. Our team of experienced product upload specialists will work with you to gather all the necessary product information and images and then upload them to your store promptly and efficiently.

There are several benefits to using our Woocommerce setup with product upload service:

Saves Time and Effort: Setting up a new online store can be time-consuming and complex. Using our Woocommerce setup service, you can save time and effort and focus on running your business while we handle the technical details.

Professional Appearance: A well-designed and professionally configured online store can make a big difference in how customers perceive your business. Our Woocommerce setup service will help you create a store that looks great and functions seamlessly, giving your customers a positive shopping experience.
Increased Sales: A user-friendly and well-organized online store can increase sales and revenue. Our product upload service ensures that all your products are listed accurately and attractively, making it easy for customers to find what they want and purchase.
Improved SEO: With our Woocommerce setup service, we’ll configure your online store for optimal search engine visibility. This means your products will be more likely to appear in search engine results pages, increasing your visibility and potential customer base.
In conclusion, our Woocommerce setup with product upload service is a great option for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence and increase sales. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your online store will be set up quickly and efficiently and that your products will be listed by our team accurately and attractively.

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Woocommerce setup with product upload
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